The company Panzica Luciano srl was founded in 2013 following the transformation of the individual firm founded in July 1999.

The professional skills as an employee of the founder sig. Luciano Panzica, matured in construction and major infrastructure (dams, road embankments, viaducts, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, consolidations) with international companies such as Philipp Holzmann AG (Frankfurt Germany years 1984/1992), Rizzani De Eccher Spa (years 1992/1995), Dumez Costuction SA (France Nanterre years 1995/1997), Itinera-CO.GE. spa (Italy Tortona years 1997/1999).
From the beginning, our company has brought to the market a firm quality, competitive, dynamic.
We have always been committed to finding new solutions to the market, in line with both the needs of customers, constantly updating our personnel, and our equipment with highest standards. That's what the company Panzica ago with passion for over three decades. We met people, skills, economic resources in a single company, to deal with any situation, solve problems, create opportunities.
To get the best possible result with innovative solutions.
To guarantee and confirmation of our modus operandi:

  • We have always worked with the same bank - one.    
  • We rely on the same strategic suppliers, with a relationship evolving and the absolute quality as standard.

This is Panzica LUCIANO SRL The company is well established and well, forcefully, continues to be.